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Licensed, professionals

At The Jordan Group, beyond exceptional service, we believe in licensed professionalism. That is why our Property Managers are licensed Realtors to ensure quality, ethical service.

Working with Financial Documents

All service arrangements for your property are made by the property manager including but not limited to: maintenance, cleaners, locksmiths, plumbers, electricians, yard care, and snow removal etc. We look for the best price and request quotes when available. Payments for invoices and utilities are made through the property manager. There is no mark up or percentage added to these invoices.  What the service charges is what you pay.  There is no additional fees for your property manager to pay the vendor, it is all included in the monthly percentage fee.  At the begininng of each month you can expect to receive a direct deposit and a cash flow statement, detailing your monthly and year-to-date gross income, expenses for the previous month, and original copies of the invoices given directly by the vendors. That means no hidden mark ups, no hidden fees, no surprises.

Our pricing is very straightforward. Everything you read about above is included in an all-inclusive percentage monthly. That means no extra charges. If you are shopping for property management be sure to ask if they charge additional fees for the following services:

  • Tenant Placement Fees, typically 50% of one month’s rent.

  • Maintenance Mark-Ups or an additional 25% on top of the original invoice from the vendor.

  • Fees to draft legal documents like N1s and N4s

  • HST and additional taxes

  • Inspections

  • Communications with tenants

We do not charge extra for these services. All-inclusive under one percentage monthly. It’s that simple. We also give a percentage discount on multiple units!

Full Service from the Start

We offer full-service property management including all things to do with the rental. To begin there is no charge to get started. Here is a list of our services before you start to pay:


  • Full Inspection of the Property

  • Video and pictures

  • A Punch List of Necessary Repairs

  • Advertising and Showings

  • Tenant screening, including a credit check

Once a tenant is approved, we draft the latest Ontario Standard Lease Agreement and attach additional addendums that include house rules, where to pay rent, vacating instructions, smoke alarm checklists, and more. After paying the first and last month’s rent, the tenant is given instructions on where to pick up their keys. 

Expenses at a Glance

Timely Turn Overs

Once a tenant moves out an inspection is completed. Updates pictures and videos are taken as well as a report is drafted for the owner that includes details of repairs if necessary. Once necessary repairs are completed, cleaning of the unit is conducted by our in-house cleaners. Once the unit is clean and in rentable condition, market rates are discussed with the owner. The unit is advertised, shown, and the tenant placement process begins again. The best part? No charge until it’s occupied. Once a tenant is placed in the unit (included in your monthly fee), we perform an annual inspection of the property which includes a report of the property status.

Shopping for Property Management?

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